DRI Reformers


Turnaround Planning

We offer full TA support activities including management, planning, coordination, procurement, and field services.

Insulation Inspection

We can inspect and plan replacement / repair of all insulation within the plant.

Tube Replacement

We can coordinate and replace your reformer tubes whether you need a few tubes replaced or the full reformer.

Operational Support

We can provide operational support as well as start-up and shutdown support. We also provide engineering of managerial systems and both equipment selection and supply. Our team has a combined experience of over 50 years in Direct Reduction Iron Plants operations and maintenance.

Refractory Repair

Castable refractory repair and full replacement. We specialize in fixing your issues from the doglegs to the transfer lines. We offer consulting and replacement.

Insulation Repair

During the shutdown, we can do an inspection of the reformer and repair any damaged areas observed. This will keep the reformer in good operational condition and prevent damage to the reformer furnace shell. It’s not uncommon to find damaged areas with the anchor bolts exposed that will lead to overheating of the reformer wall or roof.

Catalyst Replacement

We offer catalyst loading for DRI plants, our system is less complex and faster than the traditional sock loading. Our innovations allows a more uniformed loading with consistent DP’s.

Personnel Training

We offer training for plant operators from operation of DCS to field operations. We also provide training for maintenance personnel on preventative maintenance, maintenance procedures and safety.

Thermal Surveys

Thermal surveys are used to identify problems within the plant, during a survey scan are taken of the plant’s critical locations. With this information the plant can make informed decisions to keep operation at a safe condition. This information can also be used to plan for upcoming maintenance.

Catalyst Topping

Topping of the catalyst is important to help maintain tube life. During normal operation, the tube’s OD expands, and they grow in length, this can affect the catalyst level in the tubes. If this level is not checked you can have part of the tube in the furnace box that does not have catalyst, this will lead to overheating in this section and can lead to tube damage and failure. These checks and topping are done when the reformer is in idle condition to allow for the most accurate measurements.

Spring Hanger Adjustment

Adjustment of the spring hangers is necessary to help keep the reformer tubes in a straight position inside the furnace box. During idle conditions, we measure and record the current length and then adjust the spring hangers to the plant’s required position. If this is not correctly done the reformer tubes can bow inside the furnace which would place stress on the tubes and also move them closer to the burner which will cause overheating of the tube. This overheating will shorten the life of the tube and premature tube failure.

Reformer Lifecycle Management

With over 50 years of combined experience, we can assist with operations, inspection, assessment, revamps, processes, upgrades, IR Surveys, and more. Our focus is to work together with our clients, in understanding their various needs, resources, risks, and liabilities, forming strategic relationships which will allow clients to meet their desired objectives.